• Patti Carpenter

Optimistic Color, Optimistic Outlook

Most of you know that I navigate the world with Color on my mind. As a Global Trend Ambassador for Maison & Objet, this is where I live. As I watched the inauguration of President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, (how good it feels just to write that line!), I realized that I was incredibly hopeful for the first time in four years. Now, don’t misunderstand, I’ve held onto my own optimism and hope for our country and its inhabitants, but most often it was guarded within. I tended to that hope as a quiet flame of truth, burning, but concealed. Nurturing and nudging me to keep moving forward and to believe.

On that day I let it out into that bright sunshine. Each strong woman that took the stage turned my flame up a notch with the bold, boisterous, “we are HERE” confidence that was displayed through my favorite medium, Color! They selected power coats in power colors, so similar to what we have been discussing as important for our emotional wellbeing since COVID!9. That succulent spectrum of Color that carries with it the optimism that lifts our spirits and announces we are resilient, we are resourceful and we will rebound. That prism, that was shaded and focused on white and the absence of color in our country, had been thrust into the sun and the colors burst forth.

From Vice President Harris’ powerful purple, speaking not only of a coming together of the red and blue, but also a nod to history, to Shirley Chisholm. We moved through the radiant rainbow of Dr. Biden, Michelle Obama, Senator Klobuchar, Speaker Pelosi, Lady Gaga, Amanda Gorman, Hilary Clinton, and landed on the pure suffragette white of Jennifer Lopez. These women in Washington inspire me to grace and greatness. It was an extraordinary day on every level, but it was also a day that Color took the stage, lifted our spirits and reminded us that there is always light if we continue to pursue it and within that light, lives Color!

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