• Patti Carpenter

Lighting the Way – Notes On The Run

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

This lighting came across my desk recently and it made me stop and smile.

“Bety Eco” lighting collection by Arturo Álvarez, award-winning lighting designer from Spain.

I love the recycled and recyclable component, it’s made of pressed cellulose, but I’m equally drawn to the on-trend color palette of ripe red, bold cobalt blue, lush herbal green, and rich, roasted browns and beiges. Also loving the fun and frivolity of its design and the shadows it throws. It throws light with such abandon through its fringed frame.

That’s the way I’m choosing to live in this time of anxiety. I still crave creativity and inspiration, even in this imposed isolation of social distancing. Let’s remember to let our lights shine despite the current situation.

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