• Patti Carpenter

Going Green

Herbal and vegetal greens continue in importance as we move forward into 2021 and beyond. Taking their cues from Nature, we see them sprouting from every area of the home and garden and deepening in importance. Color is about emotion, and emotion is grounded in our craving of comfort, connection and community. Refocusing and restoring we will recognize that in order to move forward we need each other, we need our human family. As we reboot, redefine, renew, replenish and restore these nourishing greens will lead the way. Iced minty greens will be a chilling reminder of our connection to the polar ice cap and the need for its protection. We see the light reflecting off this icy and invigorating shade, and are comforted by a touch of nostalgia.

As we sip a soothing cup of green tea, its curative nature brings us warmth and wellness. As one of the moody mid tones we see moving forward, this tasty tone is totally therapeutic and can be utilized as one of nature’s neutrals.

Mother Nature’s intensity is captured in the strength and saturation of the color Malachite. This groovy green with a retro sensibility is vibrant and versatile.

A walk deep into the depths of the woodland is restorative and rejuvenating as we realize what a small part we play in the whole of things. The wild wonders of the jungle are revealed in this lush and verdant shade. We are lost in the mysterious deep and infatuated with fronds and forest foliage.

[All photos courtesy of Carpenter + Company, 2020]

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