• Patti Carpenter

Cool Blue Hues

It’s six months since I’ve been on a plane. Pre-COVID19 I was accustomed to head up into the air at least every two weeks. I miss the rush of setting off for a trip and the unknown adventure that was found on the other side, whether a trade show, a trend presentation or to work with artisans in some distant land. That time in the sky was always rejuvenating. Blue has that impact and influence. It is the color of the sky that surrounds us all. It is deemed trustworthy, reliable, calming. As the number one favorite color in the world it also instills a sense of connection and confidence. This is a range that will rise in importance in this time of COVID19 and beyond. These are the colors we need right now.

We start off with Lavender Blue. A pale blue hue, nuanced with touches of light lavender. It has a nostalgic note of soft sachets. Looking skyward we see the first notes of daylight reminding us that a new day is dawning. We have another chance to make it right. Its dusty demeanor looks lovely on plush velvets and matte materials. It’s an anchor in the soft crystal inspired pastels that continue to be important.

Next, we deepen into Blue Skies. A beautiful mid tone blue that is casual and relaxing. Reminding us of the comfort of loved and lived-in chambray denim, this blue hue brings a sense of well-being. We like unfinished edges , handmade ceramics and sanded and sueded surfaces, Minimalistic styling is clean and cozy. In the midst of these shifting sands this color is as steadfast as our favorite pair of denim jeans.

Taking a look back we land on Turquoise. With a retro nod to the embellished 80’s it adds a luminous flair to the palette. Equal parts sultry and sizzling, this is a color that is noteworthy and noticeable. Not a shy violet, this blue infused hue adds a glimpse of glamour to every interior. The intensity of this color lifts our spirits in this unsettled time.

Lastly, we see Nearly Navy. As the light shifts we tend towards a more lifted version of this classic blue hue. Less dark and dense than in the past, this navy brings with it a mellow mood. It is grounding and yet, as engulfing as our universe. Deeply saturated matte materials look great here. From breakfast to bedtime, anything can work. We are inspired by the nighttime sky and we are reassured in its embrace.

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