• Patti Carpenter

An Afternoon of Light & Delight – Notes On The Run

Patti Carpenter with color shadows

As a de-facto color connoisseur and lover of all things color-full, I felt inextricably drawn to the Museum of Natural History on a gray rainy Friday morning to see their latest exhibition, The Nature of Color.

I dashed through the drops to the preview day in an effort to avoid the ever-present crowds that descend for these special exhibitions. Giddy with anticipation, I was not disappointed. Greeted with an amazing amalgam of interactive experiences in the world of Color, that engaged my inquisitive inner child, every button was pushed and every lever pulled. Each display was thoroughly enjoyed. I was awed by the intensity of the primary colors of tiny, living, poisonous frogs. Don’t eat them!

Learning the history of the color blue, I tested my knowledge of Indigo Shiburi dying. Beautiful patterns emerged. Grasping the effects of light on color above and below the sea, flora and fauna came alive before my eyes. Have you ever heard of an Orchid Mantis? Did you know that bees can’t see the color Red? CuttleFish are kings of camouflage and they appear as beautiful flowers on the floor of the ocean. The afternoon sped by.

I created several color palettes of my own that cascaded down museum walls as small children danced through their colors with abandon. I love that we live in such a colorful world. I love New York. What could be more fun?

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